No 27 on the List for Living!

27) Fly a kite


I really loved doing this as a child and wanted to experience it again as an adult. When I was younger the kites we flew were often made of bin liners!

However this time I had something much more special. There was no homemade contraption as my fiancée Luke has a stunt kite.

We set off on a beautiful wintery day, cold and clear, but we were not sure if it was blowy enough. We drove to spot thats popular with kite flyers.

But by the time we reached the higher ground, it was clear that there was more than enough wind.



I held onto the strings and when Luke threw the kite into the air, it easily caught the breeze and soared into the sky. It felt almost supernatural, like the kite was alive.

I didn’t realise it would be quite so breath taking. It was incredible. What a wonderful thing to do from my List for Living.


11 thoughts on “No 27 on the List for Living!

  1. So pleased…I always worry when you pause in your blog…so glad it is for good reasons! I am on same trajectory as you and you inspire me….carry on with this living stuff!

  2. Luke? Fiancee? You kept that quiet or did I miss a blog! My Mum (gerry richardson) will be thrilled xx

  3. Looks wonderful. So glad you are ok.
    I second Vanessa – fiancé???? – very exciting to hear!

  4. I just love this. I live somewhere where there is always wind and a beach for every direction. And it is so good to hear the odd snippet of how you are enjoying yourself.

  5. Sounds like Congratulations are in order? Luke is a very lucky fellow. Lots of love xxxx

  6. What;s this about a fiancee?

    The wedding will be the ultimate ‘bucket list’ item ticked off!

  7. Fiancee!!!! So good to hear such happy happy news. Congratulations on all fronts. You have cheered me up tonight after a dreadful week of family funerals, sickness, and a hundred other crap things. Sooooo delighted you are well. I know you are such an inspiration to a lot of people who read your blog and give them hope. Think I might have to buy a kite!!

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