No 9 on the List for Living!

9) Explore the ancient ruins in Rome

Rome is one of the most wonderful cities in the world. I loved it from the first time that I visited as a teenage backpacker. I’ve been back several times and on every single occasion I have somehow managed to fail to go inside the Coliseum or the Roman Forum despite my best efforts. Last year my friends Ruth, Lynne, Lisa, AK and Carolyn helped me to put this right. Although on the first day we didn’t make it! But we tried again. Thank you girls for getting up really, really early so we could beat the queues. It was brilliant to finally see these fantastic sights and tick it off my List for Living however it was even better to have a trip away with special friends.























5 thoughts on “No 9 on the List for Living!

  1. Inspirational! I have always wanted to visit Italy, I’m still trying to juggle work/treatment/fatigue and the financial fallout of a messy divorce so my bucket list is still aspirational rather than achieveable but one day I will get there. Even if I never manage long-distance travel, I am determined to cross europe off my to-do list – I have even shocked myself by considering a river cruise (but only if I definitely have no ‘on-board entertainment’ or need to wear anything decorated with appliques or sequins!) so I can tick a few off at once!

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