No 50 on the List for Living

50) Drink champagne in one of the best bars in the world just before Christmas to celebrate still being alive.

It’s exactly a year since I was told I may only have six months to live!! And here I am, very much alive.

I marked the special day with a festive chemo cocktail at hospital. But I’ve also had some proper celebrations. If you keep beating the odds what else can you do but drink a glass or two of champagne.

Happy Christmas! x

32 thoughts on “No 50 on the List for Living

  1. In truth we all hope to beat the odds each day.
    Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you.

  2. Happy Christmas Helen. Have a lovely time over the festive season and keep drinking the bubbly :)

  3. Happy Christmas, Helen 🎅🎄 – keep up the fight. You are an inspiration to everyone out there! Xx

  4. must say im a bit embarresed complaning of aches and pains after reading what u r going tru ,may god bless you and hope u get better will light a candle for u at midnight mass tonight

  5. Well done, Helen. Keep on truckin’ I love your list for living. And have a very Happy Christmas.X

  6. You are amazing, wishing you & yours a very merry Christmas & all the very best for 2014 ❤️ X

  7. Keep on beating the odds, Helen. Have a great Christmas, and lots more. I, too, am celebrating big time, I’m finally on chemo that is working and killing cancer!

  8. Happy Christmas Helen, you’re an inspiration to us all. Take care of yourself x

  9. Happy Christmas Helen. What a day to have chemo, just before Christmas. Enjoy the day and glad you have had a glass of bubbly. love from Denise Smalley.

  10. Well done Helen and a very very good Christmas and 2014 to you and your Mum and Dad. Off to Spain 2morrow. see you in 2014. Jeannie Marshall

  11. Happy Christmas from me too.

    I see they had you standing on the forecourt at Euston the other day!

  12. Hello Helen~
    May you have a wonderful New Year in 2014… (I have a rare type of cancer head and neck cancer. ) though deemed terminal, I’m still here. I wish you the best!
    Kindly, Lynn

  13. Hello Helen,

    I hope you had a fantastic Christmas. Great to see you on the news over the festive period.
    2014 hugs,

  14. Keep inspiring me Helen. My 12 month journey has included a non-serious diagnosis, a terminal diagnosis, offer of an op with chance of cure, the op unsuccessful because of the spread of the disease….and a 6 month prognosis (in October this year). Just started my second round of chemo. I’m feeling positive, doing the things I want to do, and boosted by an OBE today! Richard Crossley

  15. My best wishes and Happy new year to you Helen. I’m teaching in Thailand and it was nice to see your tv report from (I think) Euston station just before Christmas on the internet. Hope the chemo is kicking your cancer as hard as possible. Keep beating the odds! All good wishes from Paul

  16. I have only just seen this but I raised a glass for you at Christmas and New Year and wish you all the very best for 2014 xxx

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