Bringing home the bacon


Just call me Lady Gaga. There can’t be many times when you go out wearing a dress made of meat! Lady Gaga had beef, whereas I had bacon. Red and white rashes made of fabric.

This of course was a fancy dress outfit. It was all down to my friend Rache. She had got us two outfits, bacon and fried egg. You may find this surprising but the meat option looked quite good, it was almost like a bacon body con dress. However the egg and especially its yoke, was not at all flattering.

Even so Rache said she would wear the egg costume. When someone lets you be the bacon, you know that’s a sign of true friendship.

The outfits were for a weekend away with my fabulous fancy dress friends. This is something that had been arranged more than a year and a half ago. We ‘d just done the Race for Life. Well, my friends had. I watched and cheered them on; thanks to surgery and chemo I was far too ill to take part. Afterwards someone suggested we plan another trip to Butlins. This time we chose to go to a ‘disco inferno’ weekend in Bognor. Basically it’s an adults only weekend and is one big party!

Back then, after the Race for Life, I never imagined I’d be still going through yet more chemo. Thankfully our weekend coincided with my well-est part of the gap between treatments. It was a couple of weeks ago but my energy levels make it hard to do too much writing. Also soon after we came back, I had chemo no 3.

During the weekend I was able to sleep loads so that I didn’t miss out. I’d been worried that I wouldn’t even be able to go but I’m glad I did.

In Bognor there were so many people in fancy dress that my bacon didn’t seem at all out of place at all. There were nine of us. As well as bacon and eggs, in our group we had a hotdog, plus bottles of ketchup and mustard. Also a Rubik cube, a 50 shades inspired punk rocker and Boy George! It was such a funny and random weekend. We just laughed so much.

At one point when we were walking from our hotel to the bar, the condiments with their red and yellow squeezy top hats were being very slow and were someway behind us. We shouted to them, “C’mon ket-chup.” I also quite liked asking people if they knew where the nearest grill was!

Wearing a body con of bacon was so silly and hilarious; while the egg looked like someone had stuffed a pillow under the bright yellow yoke. Just thinking about our almost full English ensemble gave me and Rache hysterics. It was really good just to enjoy something so stupid for a change.

The thing about cancer is that it’s all so serious. I know, it is terrible and it should be treated seriously. But that sombre state can seep into almost every aspect of life. I don’t want constant sadness. I still have so much living to do.

Let’s face it we are all going to die. We will all get hit by that bus someday. It’s just that I know which bus it’s going to be. My days are filled with either chemo cocktails, their disgusting side effects or talking about medical stuff, all the time hoping that my bus will be very late.

Having a deadly disease doesn’t kill off your sense of humour or even your desire to have some fun. Sometimes it feels quite the opposite.

However I do draw the line at wearing a onesie. My friends had bought the all in one outfits for us all to wear on the Sunday of our weekend away.

Now I love a bit of fancy dress and clearly I’m a big fan of looking like bacon….but a pink pig onesie ??? I did wear it. Okay it was only for an hour or so but then I had to get changed into civilian clothes. The onesie was pastel pink, fleecy material and with my wig, it was far too warm. That was my excuse anyway.

I did say that if I had a choice between chemo and wearing a pig onesie, then I would take the toxic treatment any day.

That was until chemo no 3. Then I would have preferred the fluffy pink outfit. But it was still a close call!

12 thoughts on “Bringing home the bacon

  1. I love your spirit and your ability to laugh and enjoy through these difficult times. &, I have to get a bacon dress, it is just too fabulous! :)♡

  2. Sooo great you can still have fun some people give up but it is great to hear about a fun loving fighter. great photo too. Keep it up girl and beat the beastie. Ed

  3. Now thats what I call a great friend letting you be the bacon!! Sounds like a fantastic time was had by all. Take care x.

  4. Sounds like a great weekend, glad you had a great time! In our situations, we have to extract the maximum fun out of life whenever we can. (In my case, definitely doctor’s orders. After giving me the bad news and grim prognosis, he told me to spend the rest of my life only doing what I enjoy, and getting other people to do the rest. Fortunately my husband was sitting there as a witness!). I’m hoping right now that I’m well enough to go to my breast cancer support group’s Christmas meal, hopefully the reduced dose of chemo will allow this. Keep enjoying your life and blogging, your blogs are so inspiring, especially when you’re doing fun stuff. Big hugs ((((XXXX))))

  5. nothing quite like a bit of sizzling bacon for breakfast to cheer one up. A nice egg too just to complete the perfect brekky. Keep smiling sausage

  6. Sounds great fun – I want to go to one! Will go straight on the internet and find out when the next one is! Nothing like a weekend of hysterics and mischief – loved ‘where’s the nearest grill?” Thanks for sharing – take care X

  7. Good on you helen, such a lovely weekend of frivolity and fun. So glad you enjoyed it. Positive wishes from Oz.

  8. Hello Helen, you had a good time on you break at Butlins. Very good for you to have this time to act as silly as you like. I wish you well and thanks for sharing your lovely weekend with us all. Love and prayers from Denise in Skegness. xx

  9. Everyone should enjoy fun and laughter whenever they can. So glad you had a good weekend (and I wouldn’t wear a onsie either;-) ) xxx

  10. What amazing friends you have Helen, sounds like a fab fun weekend. You are such an inspiration, I hope you are keeping well at present that you are managing to enjoy the run.up to Christmas. No doubt your fab friends have a stash of Christmas jumpers ready for your xmas night out….Take care

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