Chemo #3

I didn’t realise it at the time but I think that it all started to go wrong with the chocolate milk. The night before my chemo I forgot to have my usual glass of cold, sweet milk. I read somewhere that it helps you prepare for the onslaught of cancer-kicking chemicals. Not sure how much science there is to that but it’s a comforting routine.

It was dark when we set out for the hospital on Tuesday morning. My aunt Judy was driving us. She was a games maker driver for the Olympics so I knew I was in safe hands. But the miserable weather and sloooooow traffic jams seemed determined to conspire against us. Then I remembered about the missed milk. I knew it was going to be one of those days.

When we arrived I noticed that the room on the chemo ward, which was to be my base for many hours ahead, had a stopped clock. That just about summed up how I felt.

If you’re not ill, you may think that its terrible what I’m going though. It is. But I also get to see the other side. At hospital there are many people who are far worse than I am. Clearly it means that there are sometimes emergencies and delays which can’t be predicted. I don’t mind waiting, I’m just relived that its me left sitting there, instead of causing the consultants to come rushing off through the corridors.

I was told that my blood count was really good. It means my body is coping with the savage chemo regime and my immune system is recovering well in-between the sessions. The only problem is with magnesium. As always, it seems, this is far too low and I needed a bag of it via the IV drip. That added on another two and a half hours before the chemo kick-off. And so it went on.

But there was no drama for me, thankfully. Instead I had wonderful friends to entertain me who brought cakes, presents and gossip from the outside world. I feel so very lucky to have the support of lovely family and friends.

And I’ve saved the best for last. I had my first set of test results since the start of my latest lot of toxic cocktails. Big drum roll…..They show that the chemo is working!!!

After just one session of chemo, the tumour marker tests called the CA125, has dropped by a quarter. It’s amazing news and will help me get through all the horrible side effects to come. I’m already half way through my treatment. Just three more to go. Hooray!

Back home after a marathon 11 hours at hospital, I finally got that cold glass of chocolate milk. It was a sweet celebration.

Oh, by the way, happy 100 to me! This is my 100th blog post. I never thought I would do so much blogging. But continuing to blog means that I’m still here and still going strong. Thanks for reading and being there for me.

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  1. Helen, you are an inspiration I am not sure that i could keep up your keen sense of humour, well done, another session over. What a joy and comfort that you have wonderful family and friends supporting you, we the public mistakenly think we know you because you are in the public domain, wish we did!
    God bless you and may you know his comfort and blessing at this difficult time.

  2. Such good news!! I’m soooo pleased the chemo is doing it’s job and you’re body is coping so well. Clever girl you!! I am halfway through radiotherapy tomorrow so a big high five from me to you!! (I’m having whole brain radiotherapy for a secondary breast cancer brain tumour, that was removed 5 weeks ago. Tomorrow I’ll be 5 radios down, 5 to go. We really are such clever girls!!)

    Keep up the good work angel. And here’s to the next 100 blogs… Can’t wait for the blog update on your list for living that’s entitled ‘my puppy’!! I’ve had mine for 2 weeks now and he really is just what the doctor ordered!!

    Lots of love to you brave girl

    Anouska xxx

    • Anouska,

      Thanks :) You’re right we are such clever girls!! We are both half way through treatment. We don’t take the easy path do we?!? Good luck with the rest of the zapping. Good riddance to that bloody tumour. We are very brave girls too.

      Bet your dog is really helping. I can’t wait to get mine, prob will be after xmas. Not too long to go!

      When I go out for a (rare) night out with my wig and make up and I feel good I think of you :)

      Sending lots of love and hugs xxx

  3. Helen. What wonderful news. I was just alerted to this post via email. It’s a lovely end to my day – in fact anyone’s day!

  4. Great news Helen and I hope the good news keeps coming
    Sadly my brother Ian Bramble died on Sunday night , far sooner than we ever expected. His wife and I were with him enveloping him with love and he chose to go peacefully on Remembrance Sunday. X

    • Carolyn, I’m so very sorry to hear about Ian’s death. My thoughts are with you and your family. It sounds like he was surrounded by love on Sunday and that’s the most important thing. Lots of love, Helen x

  5. Glad your chemo is working an I hope the chemo ‘hangover’ is not as bad as you’re expecting it to be in the coming days. Sending you lots of positive energy!

  6. Hi Helen,

    I have been following your blog from across the pond…in Boise, idaho. Your positive attitude is amazing and inspirational to me. You help me appreciate all I have, when I am having my own minor health problems. Your forthright writing about cancer treatments have given me a new appreciation for what cancer patients go through.

    God bless!

  7. Glad to hear that the treatment is working well, Helen. It’s always nice to hear you sounding so positive. Keep blogging! xxx

  8. What wonderful news … and congrats on your 100th Blog, I don’t always comment but never fail to read them and am constantly amazed by how much you pack into your life. Always interesting to hear from you but love to hear from you with news like this xxx

  9. I am so happy to see the chemo is working. I remember those long chemo days . I would send my husband out for chocolate malteds. One time even in the snow. It is comfort foods be it choc milk or malteds that help get us through those long days.

  10. Just wonderful news. Really uplifting. Its us, the people who think we know you who should be thanking you for letting us be a part of your life. You are giving a lot of people hope and strength. Best wishes for a great week.

  11. Congratulations on your 100th blog. As you so rightly say, it means that you are still here to tell your story, and as for that ugly tumour it is fantastic news that it has shrunk so much with the chemo. Keep on going Helen and my love and Gods blessing to you.

  12. Well done Helen, I went through the same 6 years ago with same prognosis. Keep going the way you are X

  13. Thinking of you always from out here in the sandbox. Buoyed by your spirit too. The camels ‘sing’ your praises :-)

  14. Hi Helen, I heard your radio 4 doc, was very touched, and began reading your blog. A dear friend of mine has also been on a 3 year journey with chemo and ops and I admire her take on it all..and yours too.
    Lovely to hear your good news…and keep posting the blogs…on to the next hundred……an inspiration!

  15. Keep going, Helen!!! I am so happy for you! :) Don’t give up! I’ll do my 4th chemo next week, even there is no cure for me, my marker test is 50% low! I know how do you feel.
    a big hug and a kiss from Spain

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