Almost 1,2,3 on the List for Living!

Hooray I’ve found a place in the countryside! It’s a fantastic feeling to be well on my way to doing the top three things on my List for Living.

1) Move to the countryside

2) Live in my own house

3) Get a dog

I’ve wanted to move to the countryside for a long time. It’s so easy to say that you’ll do it one day but just not yet. It was only after I’d been diagnosed with cancer for the third time that I knew I had to stop dreaming and get on with it.

After I’d come up with my list and I was going through chemo once again I would think about all the lovely things I was going to do. I imagined that I’d move in a honey-coloured cottage somewhere in a picture postcard village. Complete with wooden floors, timber beams and an open fire.

Ha, the reality is very different.

My new place has every kind of coloured carpet, polystyrene tiles on the ceiling and this ugly fireplace made of bricks. But that doesn’t matter. Soon it will all be gone and this will be my home.

That is, after a whole load of work.

It’s good to be able to focus on something that’s not cancer related. We need to replace decades of decorating. Just for starters, all the wallpaper has to be striped off the walls. In what must have once been a children’s bedroom, sometime in the 1960’s, we have just got back to the Magic Roundabout.

Once Zebedee and his friends are out and the place is a bit more modern I’ll be able to move in. Then I can start looking for a dog.  Something else I’m really looking forward to. It will be a while though.

I’m already finding the waiting quite hard. When you’re told you might not have long to live, it’s difficult to make plans. You want it all to happen NOW! Anything more than a few weeks away and I wonder if I’m still going to be around.

But here I am. And I’m confident that I will be able to tick off number 1,2 and 3 from my List for Living. After all these are some of the things that mean the most to me.

21 thoughts on “Almost 1,2,3 on the List for Living!

  1. How strange, was only thinking this evening that we hadn’t heard from you in a while, I hoped you were busy doing something off your list, and you were!!!! Fab news on the house (I kinda like the wallpaper!) Lots to keep you busy, awesome, inspiring, as per usual. Take care x

  2. I am so glad you have found your dream home, i am looking forward to reading of your movining in party. Keep well and strong.

  3. So good to hear from you, Helen and to hear you’re out there ticking off those list items. This one’s a biggie. Well done! As for the dog, I do hope you’re going to go for a rescue dog. So many who really need loving homes. I’m hoping to foster one soon… that’s on my list.

    I’m still hoping you’ll get in touch about the volunteering on your list.

  4. Fabulous news Helen and I wish you loads of quality time in your new home. I love the wallpaper, particularly Dougal with his golf club, but I guess it has to go…. can’t wait for more pics as your project develops.

  5. How wonderful, Helen – and how inspiring. My husband and I are about to go look at a home. Who knows what will happen, but reading your post feels like a sign from the universe. Congratulations on the new house. I actually love that retro kids wall paper, too bad it’s in such rough condition.

    Good luck and have fun going for what you want most.

  6. Yikes! Dear Helen, I certainly do know what you mean about the fireplace; it reminds me of the fireplace my parents built in the 70’s when they moved into their ‘new home’ ..although the one my Dad built was far more extensive (pains me to think of it!) .. a structure of crazy-paving with shelves and a space for houseplants …CRIKES! ..but looking at the wallpaper induces a silly nostalgia within me …because I LOVED ‘The Magic Roundabout’ …was it Emma Thompson’s dad who did the narration? Or did he just do the narration for Brian, the snail? Can’t really remember. I love Emma though… my absolute favourite actress..:) I honestly do believe that none of us can really say with any certainty how long we’ll be here .. and for the days we have, then we should be grateful and mindful .. death and tragedy happens every single day …it can be sudden and unexpected, it can be expected and drawn out … it can be painful, or not. There is no certainty, no guarantee … we must live each day as it comes. All the best, Karen xxx

  7. Hello Helen, Denise here, What wonderful news that you have found yourself a nice home even as you say it is in need of some T L C , Looking forward to hearing more about it in the future. Remain positive. Denise Smalley, xx

  8. Hi Helen, well done regarding the house ! I know you will be happy there. Please get a rescue dog asap ! They are so grateful for a loving home and will be a wonderful companion. X

  9. Hi Helen, looking forward to seeing you, the house and………the dog very soon. Keep up the good work and get mum and dad helping.

    Jeannie Marshall

  10. Glad you’re living and not just waiting for the right time to start, Helen. Dog-wise, two is far better than one. Dogs are pack animals and they need company while you’re not home. There are loads of dogs in shelters who would love the opportunity to be your dawg :-)

  11. You will do all these things Helen. I just know you will. Please write more. I wonder if you really understand what a GREAT inspiration you are to so many people. You are a talented woman.

  12. Hi Helen,

    hope your well. Wow how exciting to have a vlank canvas to create ur own haven. Where is your new house you didnt say. I know you wanted countryside. We love our little home backing onto fields with resident wildlife.

    I had doxirubicin round 2 yest. Ok so far. Hair loss massive and tired of it getting everywhere. Admitted on weds to chk bloods etc as sweats with dehydration.

    I am trying to do my list and be honest amd selfish with my comments and thgts. But people taking offence that I am being so brutal about things but this shows my true friends solidarity and who understands and respects my situation.

    Desp want to go see northern lights, do forest bathing where you lay trees surrounding you and sun poking thru. Collect conkers, be at a lakeside shore at dawn to see the mist and smell the air. Drive a fast car or do a rally circuit.

    Going to order my new car on monday cant wait. Only 3mth delay from factory :-/

    Well good weekend and spk soon
    Be vareful with the sledgehammer!

    • Hi Kate,

      My lovely new house is in Gloucestershire so it’s lovely and near to relatives. Hahahha I haven’t touched that sledgehammer lately! But I have been doing some damage in the garden with some severe pruning.

      Hope you’re coping well with the drugs. Uggggh the tiredness and the hair loss is the worst combination. I think that when you go through something like we are then you have to do what is best for you and yes true friends will be right behind you all the way.

      Love your list! And thanks for links too.

  13. So glad you you have been able to find that country home. The carpet by that brick fireplace is an interesting color. But soon you will make it your own. As for the dog – hope you find one as much fun and company as my dog.

    • Forgot to say earlier, have you considered Soi Dog Foundation for getting a beautiful rescue dog. BARRY is a gorgeous puppy with a foster at the moment. They have a website and a great facebook page. Google domino the dog too. Such sad stories but so much positivity and happy endings for dogs in USA, Canada, Europe and the UK.

      Hope you consider it as I am a great supporter of stopping the illegal dog meat trade. Another you can search too is SOSD they also have lots who need forever homes.


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