No 5 on the List for Living

I’ve done two big things since I last updated my blog. I had that dentist appointment, the one I wasn’t sure if I’d make. Not only did I have the check-up but I didn’t need anything doing – yay!

It was a quite unusual feeling to be in a kinda medical setting with the white coats and the white walls and the smell of heavy duty cleaning products…. to be told that there’s nothing wrong.

It was a pain free celebration of still being here six months on. But still it was going to the dentists and it’s never that pleasant.

The other thing was a lot more relaxing…..

5) Recover from chemo on a ridiculously perfect beach

This must be the most chilled out way that I’ve ticked something off my List for Living!

Holidays are not just about going away; they’re also about having something lovely to look forward to. The thought that at some point my treatment would be over and that one day I’d be able to spend time at a brilliant beach and just gaze out to sea, helped to get me through the chemo.

I went to Cornwall with my friend Anna. This is one of my favourite places. The scenery was stunning and the beach wasn’t busy. We did a whole load of nothing. Perfect.

With the other things that I’ve done off my wish list there was a sense of – wow I can’t believe I’ve done that. This, however, was more a case of I needed that. It’s number 5 on my List for Living. That shows how important this was.

It’s now two months after my last evil chemo cocktail and I’m still so chronically tired. I don’t think I realised just what an ordeal I’ve been through. My body is still trying to make me understand. This is the most exhausted I’ve ever been over such a long period.

This break not only enabled me to get a bit better. You could also say it draws a line in the sand. The last horrendous six months are over. The holiday has allowed me to separate that time with now. Hopefully this half of the year will be about having a more normal life and enjoying a lot more views like this.



11 thoughts on “No 5 on the List for Living

  1. I’m so glad you are pampering yourself. You need and deserve loads and loads of rest, regeneration and pleasure in every way. :) While reading your blog, I always wonder why do need our priorities straightened by a serious medical condition and or some tragic or sad event. Thank you for being all you are and for helping me keep in mind what really matters. Hugs and kisses!

  2. Cornish beaches are indeed an inspiration and relaxing. looks like you were visiting the Scarlet at Mawgan Porth and chilling out in the roof top hot tub. Great place and location not too far from our Cornwall home. Great to hear that you now have a little respite from your chemo routine and nice hair style

  3. Wow what a view!! Lovely to hear yet have had some light at the end of the tunnel so to speak! And what gorgeous weather to have whilst in Cornwall!!
    We go on what is possibly my last holiday next week. 3 whole weeks in Corfu! Omg the anticipation of being normal and excitement at being able to enjoy a holiday without appointments looming or calls and letters requiring attention.
    We have also met a wonderful guy who lost his fiance last year with sarcoma 4 months after diagnosis. He and family and friends did a fundraising challenge last weekend raising nearly 3k, so trying to gain some local publicity as feel awareness is paramount but also marking their amazing achievement too. Plus its nice to meet a new group of friends who accept us for us and understand our journey. Great peace of mind for me also is my wife has a new friend who knows directly what its like to lose a partner, in preparation for my poor health.
    I would love you and others to follow my blog as will post holiday photos there too. I also managed to raise 600 quid in a few weeks for my tumour unit, more than expected, but hope to do a new fundraiser for my hospice when I start my first ever chemo on Aug 15th! Due to have central line fitted in the morning, (terrified of this so any advice would be great) and then doxyrubicin in the afternoon. 6 cycles, 3weeks duration.
    Well I look forward to your reply, and please anyone who wants to join my blog, please do as it would mean the world to me.

    Thanks and enjoy the rest of the heatwave relaxing.

    • Hope that you are having an amazing holiday!!! Having a PICC line is brilliant. Just try not to get the dressing too wet. It’s by far the easiest and least painful way of having chemo. Your veins will be so grateful. Good luck for August, chemo is awful but it may not be as bad as you think it will be. I hope anyway xx

  4. Your photos brightened my day. So glad you got there in amazing weather. It looked like a summer here in OZ. I hope your energy is improving for more times like these. Best wishes.

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