Could it have been the fabulous weather? Or the fact that my treatment is almost over?

Whatever the reason – I felt great during chemo#16 yesterday.

Yes, all the cancer stuff is terrible of course but not every moment is horrible. Far from it. Before the toxic chemo cocktails started, I had a proper cocktail while sat outside in the sun.

To say I enjoy the treatment would be wrong but most of the time I do enjoy life. Going through all this makes you appreciate the small stuff even more.

Normally my view from the chemo ward is just brick wall. Yesterday I had something new. A different brick wall!

When I realised this, it genuinely made me happy. It really did. From my bed I got to look out at some lovely old red bricks which were a bit higgily piggily rather than the uniform, more modern bricks.

Then again maybe I’m in such a good mood because I’m going to do some amazing things on my List for Living today.

All will be revealed very soon….

11 thoughts on “Chemo#16

  1. I have found your blogs very interesting and you are very brave to document what is such a nasty treatment.
    Good luck (peck on cheek)

  2. Fantastic!!! I can’t wait to read all about it. Have a wonderful day. Delicious looking cocktail by the way – yummy.

  3. Helen you are such an inspiration. Enjoy every moment. Thank you so much for sharing your life with us

  4. The drink looks soooo good. I’d like to pull it from my screen Willy Wonka style right now. It is great to hear you are having a great day. I look forward to you list for living post! ~Catherine

  5. Hi Helen, look forward to hearing about your exciting developments on your list for living. So glad you are enjoying the non cancer parts of your life. You go girl! xxx

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