Let it rain

What fantastic weather we’ve been having!

This afternoon I watched an angry rain storm drench the garden from the comfort of the living room. As the wind howled down the chimney I sat and enjoyed the show.

I’m too ridiculously tired to do much else. Mornings don’t really exist for me anymore. I sleep for at least 12 hours every night and still my limbs feel like they’re made of stone.

When it’s wet there’s nothing like being indoors and knowing that you don’t have to go outside.

Besides, now that the Olympics Games are over the bad weather is proving good entertainment. It’s still a couple of weeks before the Paralympics start. Even Sasha the dog is missing Team GB.

However cosy and dry it is inside, part of me would love to be out there going about my normal life. It’s amazing what you crave. Being stuck inside for so long means you lose touch with the elements. You understand just how much the weather makes you feel alive.

These days I’m never too hot or too cold. Unless of course I’m coming down with an infection. Sometimes if there’s a blustery shower I’ll put my wellies on and wander around the garden so I can feel rain drops on my face.

The first time I was treated for cancer I also really missed the weather. It was confusing as I lost track of the seasons. Experiencing extreme weather was on my big list of things that I wanted to do after chemo. It was one of the reasons why I loved living in Eastern Europe.

And I certainly got a whole load of extreme weather. Snow, ice and bitterly cold temperatures I had it all.

One day I was live on the TV news while stood outside in what seemed like artic conditions. When I came off air I realised my lip gloss had frozen.

At the time this was all part of my foreign adventure. Maybe I was packing in lots of wild weather back then so I wouldn’t be too frustrated now. Even so I’d quite like some more of it. Sorry in advance if you get caught in a sudden downpour but I’m going to be stuck at home for a little while yet so I’m really hoping for some more truly awful weather!

4 thoughts on “Let it rain

  1. I think you would have enjoyed yesterday’s weather here in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (USA). Temps in the upper 70’s, partly cloudy, followed by downpours, followed by violent cracks of lightning, and more downpours. Very exciting. I myself enjoy walking in gentle rain showers, but until I get the go-ahead to get my knee fixed, I’ll be watching them from the front porch. The pesky CML is still toying too much with my immune system. Meanwhile, I do so enjoy your description of the weather and life in general from your perspective, in your “neck of the woods”….

  2. Helen – your blog and attitude is inspirational. GOOD LUCK to you. We’re all on our own journey – thank you for sharing yours with us.

  3. There’s something really fantastic about a good lightening storm (we get the best over here in CAN) – and yeah, while I was living in England, I actually missed the frigid winters and hot summers of Canada.

    I’m glad you are doing well even if tired. The body needs sleep. And I really enjoy that photograph of your dog with the medal. It made me laugh.

    Rest up :)

  4. Helen you’re getting such a big hug when you get back to work after all this. When the drugs have stopped messing with you, when you can have a busy day and just feel ‘happy tired’, not totally drained. Odd how straightforwardly they work despite all the medical science that must go into them, you literally have to be stronger than the cancer so that you survive the therapy and it doesn’t. There’s something Olympic about that, or more of an odyssey. I love bad weather too, the drama of a storm is just brilliant. So, keep an eye out at TVC for a Scouser with a beard standing out in the rain, that’ll be me, waiting to whisk you off somewhere in a radio car. It ought to be somewhere Greek and heroic – you’ve got the name for it – but will probably be Camberwell Magistrates Court.

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