Cancer makeover

Chemo number four was very different. This time I was sat in a hospital ward with a lively group of chatty women. All of us with various stages of hair loss.

My friend Tamsin joined me for some chemo coffee. It made me realise that maybe it’s not my confidence that’s been effected by all this treatment. It could be that I just spend so much time on my own.

With gossip, cake and fancy chocolates, I was soon feeling like myself.

The wig-man did keep his promise even though he was almost two hours late. I’d never normally wait that long for a man but this was no ordinary date. Besides I had a needle in my hand and a toxic cocktail on ice.

By the time he arrived we were ready for some fun.

I had the fittings in a side room that’s mostly used for private consultations. The kind you never want to have. If there’s something that a doctor can’t say to you on the ward then it’s likely to be horrific news. I was so glad to be in there for a happy occasion.

And it was happy.                               

I’ve finally come to terms with my falling out hair although I’m going to hold off getting it shaved off. Hopefully not until the chemo is over. I like still having hair while I’m so ill. Somehow it makes me feel not quite so bad.

It’s crazy that it’s been so difficult. When I last had cancer I wasn’t nearly so worried. Perhaps because it was another sign that I really did have cancer again.

I was determined to have long light brown hair, similar to how I used to look. I wanted to be able to hide behind my old hairstyle.

But as I was feeling much more like me and a whole lot braver, it didn’t quite work out like that. I may soon be bald but I’m also going to be blonde and bold.

My new look!

But not like this one below. Woah, I’m back in 1980s.

That’ll be a no then

Tamsin had difficulty taking the photos as she was laughing so much. But not at the next wig.

Oooh big hair

Wag-tastic, I had to have this one too!

It’s almost like my Barbarella wig, only a bit less of a bouffant. It’s something that could be straight out of the TV show, The Only Way is Essex with a touch of Kate.

This will be my going out wig.

And it won’t stop there; I’m going to get a whole wardrobe of wigs. When I’m bored of being blonde, I may go red, blue or black. Whatever takes my fancy. So much for fading into the background.

But before I could do any of that it was time for my chemo to start.

The treatment is getting tougher. After a couple of hours, the drugs made me so dizzy that I had to get into a hospital bed and sleep for the rest of the day.

It still feels like I’m a long way off from being well enough to wear the wigs for real. But at least I’m now on the home straight.

22 thoughts on “Cancer makeover

  1. Well done Helen and fab photos – New Look and Big Hair both really suit you. Looking fwd to seeing the red/blue/black if you get them.

  2. I love the ‘big hair’. You look beautiful, and you are making me reconsider getting a wig….so far I just bought some hats.

  3. You are beautiful on the outside too and can carry off any new look. ‘Rooting’ for you on course number 4 xxxx

  4. Hels my god – metaphorically speaking, you ARE Beyonce, I have to concede (damn you!). The barbarella hair is amazing….why have you never been blonde before? Its is absolutely you – stunning XX

    • Yaaaaaaay! I AM Beyonce!!! At last you can see the similarity. Hahahaha glad you like it Carrie. I’m going to enjoy being blonde! xx

  5. Oh yes. Yes, yes, yes. Big Hair is The One. New Look is neat, but BH is out-and-out alluring. Great set of photos, Helen, they’ve set me wondering about the power women exert over us poor men by way of appearance. And then thinking, ah what the hell? Vive la difference! Hope the side effects of the intravenous 007s wear off soon and give you a break, you deserve one. Then you can swank about town captivating passers-by with a combination of, ok, fake hair and a 100% genuine smile that nothing, apparently, can dim. I’m just your first victim!

  6. Hi, Helen. You look way better than I ever did on a GOOD day! (Jealous.) I’ve been blaming my weight gain on my meds, but now I suspect that it may be a teeny bit / partially / mostly attributed to the food-related content here. Cake, chocolates & coffee. Yum! Nausea gone… hungry now….

    • Oh no, you’re far too kind! I’m blaming the meds too. Those pesky steroids just demand cake and chocolate all the time! Even weeks after I’ve taken them ;)

  7. You look fab Helen. Huge hugs – let me know when you are home again especially in August as I have some time off work so could pop in to see you. xxx

  8. Looking fab Helen! Both looks are great. Have fun as much as you can and do try a red one! I think you would look hot with red hair. :))))

  9. If you like gossip and giddiness, you’ve got to make it to a Look Good Feel Better (ask someone at a McMillan centre). Not only do you snap so much wonderful make-up to help you feel beautiful, but it’s a chatty and fun event with other women going through treatments.

    Oh my goodness – that long blond wig is incredible! You look absolutely hot :)


    • Yes Look Good Feel Better is brilliant! I took part in a session a while ago. Hahaha glad you like the long blond wig :) I can’t wait to wear it.

  10. Hi Helen, thank you for following my blog, I think you look great, so keep positive, Jane. :-)

  11. Hey Helen, you looking good girl !!! I’ve been in touch with Maggies today about the beanies and offered a donation from each sale. Fingers crossed that they’ll put me in their publication. Dont forget to pass on my details to any ladies on the big ward (cheap plug- sorry). Your photos are great of the cows and Sasha, your next book could be ‘cow photos’ I’d buy it !!! I’ll text soon, you are doing so well. Keep strong and keep blogging – hey just thought, the blogs could get published. I want the leather note book I bought you to be filled up with ideas. Hope to see you soon x x

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