Beaten cancer, definitely

It has to be the best day I’ve had since this whole horrendous cancer nightmare began.

Yesterday was pretty perfect. I should have written about it last night but fatigue and a certain England football match, not necessarily in that order, got the better of me.

I have my third session of chemo today which will take me to the halfway point of my treatment so I saw my consultant yesterday afternoon. Let’s call him The Professor. Now he isn’t any ordinary consultant. He’s very senior and not only that he’s also one of the leading experts in the country on my kind of cancer. To me basically he’s God.

And he was able to tell me that I really am going to live!

We already knew that every bit of the cancer which could be seen by the surgeon was removed from my body. The pea and all his uninvited friends are long gone. After starting chemo a few weeks ago I had a very important blood test. It was to establish if any cancer was still lurking inside my body. Or more worryingly if it had come back since the big operation.

The Professor beamed at me as he delivered the incredibly wonderful news. The killer disease has been successfully treated!!! This is offically the second time that I’ve beaten cancer. You could say it’s Me 2 – 0 Cancer. I now need to think about changing the name of this blog.

For anyone interested, my CA 125 is now 10, well within the normal range and way down compared to when I was diagnosed.

A wave of relief and joy and surprise swept over me. I’ve been totally focused on the chemo and I’d forgotten that I was due the result of this test. It was an amazing moment. This confirms that I definitely no longer have cancer.

After some very happy swearing I opened my notebook and started to go through a list of questions I wanted to ask about the chemo. It’s the kind of pad that I’d normally use for work. Now I use it for this job.

We spent ages taking about the terrible side effects – mostly the pain and the tiredness. There’s not a lot that can be done about the exhaustion apart from resting.

But The Professor who speaks with a slight Scottish accent did have some more good news. This time I don’t need to have the dreaded post-chemo injection to boost my immune system as it’s still quite strong The jab gives me the worst pain. Ever. Without it I’ll be able to cope much better with all the other stuff.

There was one last question.

“What about my hair?” I asked The Professor. “Shouldn’t it have fallen out by now?”

“I was going to say the same thing. How come you still have so much?” He replied with a smile.

I ran my fingers over my scalp and a few hairs came out but not many. He thinks that I could be one of the lucky few to not lose all my hair thanks to the freezing cold hat that I wear during treatment. If it doesn’t all disappear by next week, then I really might not go bald.

On the way out The Professor gave me a massive hug. It was a great day at the office for both of us.

68 thoughts on “Beaten cancer, definitely

  1. You have set me up for a wonderful day. Fantastic news. And does this mean that Barbarella won’t be making an appearance after all? Xx

  2. Bloody AMAZING news Helen!! Well done you clever girl!! Cancer? What cancer?! I’m so very pleased for you :-) You are officially a ninja!
    And what a Brucie Bonus, not having to have that foul injection! I’m dancing a merry jig!!
    With lots of love, from a fellow cancer arse kicker xxx

    • Hahaha I know, cancer? What you talking about??! Nothing to do with me anymore :) Don’t quite feel like a ninja but once I’m out the otherside of the chemo I will. Right now this ninja is mostly spending lots of time in bed, eating crips! Once this is over it will be a massive merry jig.
      It is such a Brucie Bonus not having that horrible hurty injection, it’s lovely being able to actually walk! xxx

  3. Now THAT is a wake up call I’ll take without a grumble. Wonderful, fantastic, amazing, excellent news Helen – so very happy for you! Hope you are feeling ok today.

    Much love x

  4. Helen – that is fantastic. I am so pleased for you. It’s great to hear such good news. Jane x

  5. That is amazing, fantastic and brilliant the best news;0) I really am so very happy for you and your family you have beaten Cancer x

  6. Here is the news, and it’s the best possible news! Here are the facts: you’ve looked this disease squarely in the eye TWICE, and come through. You’ve had treatment which nearly killed you, yet here you are, writing up your own success. You’ve given us all a salutary warts-and-all glimpse into exactly what cancer treatment involves; we have had our consciousness raised, not just about your case, but others’ too. AND ALL THIS WITH HAIR! You’re a class act, Helen. And, you’ve reminded us, so is anyone facing up to cancer.

  7. Such good news Helen….and the “freeze” cap worked brilliantly for a friend of mind who didn’t lose her hair.. xx

  8. Helen – I’ve been reading your brilliant blog from the start and this is just the most fantastic news. I’m so pleased for you! x

  9. Fantastic news! You beat the little monster. Very well done. All good wishes R

  10. Helen that news has made my day, fantastic news! Wishing you a speedy recovery and well done for kicking the Big C where it hurts x

  11. So happy for you Helen :) and, yes, like Gill said below, I’m ready for a great day now…… BTW, I’m in a doc waiting room right now and Ovarian Cancer Awareness leaflets prominently displayed.
    Take care of yourself,
    Christine x

  12. Excellent news Helen, and you still have much of your hair, great. May God bless you in you everyday life, and may you be an example to others going through the same treatment.
    x Kay Doney (Ste Nathalenes Church, France)

  13. Amazing news Helen, that’s brilliant. Take care of yourself. Lots of love & healing thoughts Vikki xxxx

  14. What excellent news – thanks for sharing it. Now go and enjoy the sunshine and get your strength back

  15. Superb news. Fantastic. Ross Hawkins told me he’d heard about the fantastic news so i clicked on the blog immediately. Brilliant news to read.

  16. Whooooooooooooooooooooooo!
    Richard Jackson just sent the link round the Briefing team. FANTASTIC! XXX

  17. That’s fantastic news Helen! 2:0 to you :) Brilliant! I love reading your blog by the way x

  18. Massive congratulations Helen you so deserve the fantastic news. Lots of love xxx

  19. Amazing Helen. Totally encouraging and inspirational. I’m so happy to hear your news.

  20. Helen welcome to your life once again! Such good news to hear that you’ve won the fight over the big C! Many congrats. :)

  21. Dear Helen, can’t help removing a few tears, but this news is amazing, I am so happy for you and your beloved ones.

  22. Amazing news to wake up too….. huge smile…….Im so happy for you. Look forward to seeing you soon xxxx

  23. That news is like the sun coming out on a miserable day weatherwise!!! Well done Helen!

  24. Amazing, wonderful news. So so pleased. Love and hugs and good luck with the rest of the treatment. The worst is behind you. X

  25. Hi Helen

    We worked on a few overnights a few years back when I was outputting Breakfast. I was always pleased when I realised you were the overnight reporter because always great fun. Been reading this blog and just wanted to say: Yesssss!!!!! Fantastic! Rob x

    • Hey Rob, Great to hear from you. Thanks so much, I always really enjoy doing stuff for Breakfast.
      Oh yesssss – it’s amazing news!!! x

  26. The best possible news. Well done to you (and James Bond). So, so, glad for you and your family after all you’ve been through. Lots of love to you xxx

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