Looking forward to toast-op

It’s hard to write as I’m so hungry. Today it’s been liquids only to prepare for the big operation. Well I have been allowed to eat jelly and ice lollies. So like I said I’m starving.

I actually had one of the best meals of my life in hospital so I’m not too worried about the food.

But I’m scared about the surgery. I have a great team of people. The consultants and surgeons are brilliant and I feel very confident that they will take good care of me.

Operations are not without risk so what happens if something goes wrong?

You see last time there was a problem. As I came round from the op I could open my eyes but I felt dizzy. I could barely talk and it was hard to breathe.

The next day my bed was wheeled into the intensive care part of the ward. Even with an oxygen mask, I couldn’t get enough air into my lungs. It was as if I was being smothered.

No one could work out what was wrong with me post-op. Over the next couple of days I got worse. Slowly I could feel my life slipping away.

Finally I was given a blood transfusion through the night and I started to get better. The next morning I was well enough to have breakfast. Toasted white bread never tasted so good.

There’s just hours to go before I have to be on the ward. The surgery will take place not long after I arrive.

I now can’t wait for my next hospital breakfast as it will mean that everything has gone well.

19 thoughts on “Looking forward to toast-op

  1. Helen we will think of you & I can’t wait for your next post even if it is just a groggy HELLO! I remember vividly the terror of going under anaesthesia but I hear you are in the hands of two of the best consultants and I want you to think about a lot of us out here mentally holding your hand. You will get through it. You will. X

  2. We’re all with you – hugging you en masse. See you next week – pea free. Xxx

  3. we are all in effect, there right outside the door waiting for you to come round, wishing you the very best and as much love as your broadband speed can hold !

  4. How does ‘post op toast’ taste so good ?? I’m glad its not just me who noticed that.
    We are all thinking of you Helen and sending as many good vibes as is possible.
    You are being strong and positive and surely that’s part of the battle.
    I will see you soon, hopefully by the end of March.
    Sarah (and ‘Mr Wonderful’ sends his love too) x x

  5. Sending you a huge massive hug Helen. You’ll be eating that lovely white toast before you know it, isn’t it fab that all hospital food is completely syn free. Mandy xxx

  6. Sending an enormous embrace from the south coast Helen old fruit. Hope we can have another midnight chocolate orgy before too long. (Do I need to rephrase that?). Thinking or you.Much love. TrisxX

  7. Helen – my best friend at work has undergone surgery this afternoon to remove two tumours, one in each breast. I’ve spent all afternoon wondering and worrying about her progress, and I’ll be doing the same about you. The post-op unpleasantness will soon be in the past, and then you can concentrate on each step forward. Thinking of you positively.

  8. Hoping that toast is just a few more hours sleep away. Sending you lots of love xx

  9. Helen you are an awesome writer, obviously I thought you were before but now I can see how good you are. The blogs are really good and tell us everything we want to know but don’t know how to ask.
    We hope the toast tastes good xxx

  10. Hope toast was as good as you were expecting Helen and that pea is now gone for good. Worked with you briefly on Briefing at Bush. Look forward to reading of your full recovery.

  11. Hi Helen,
    We worked together at 5Live many years ago on Breakfast. Reading all of this really has me hoping all is ok with you now, post op, and that your courage and honesty are getting the reward you so thoroughly deserve.
    You must be knackered – but am looking forward to your next post.
    All good wishes,

  12. Amazing blog Helen. I can’t wait to read the book – part 1 and part 2.
    Hope you got my text.
    Virtual hug attached.
    Maddy xx

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